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At TopOutdoorShop we have a great selection of bike helmets for e-bikes and speed pedelecs. We offer helmets from brands like Casco, Cratoni and the Swiss top brand CP. We are particularly proud of our collaboration with CP, who have also been making the best ski helmets with visors for years. CP is known for its excellent fit, a wide range of trendy and innovative helmets and is the No. 1 for people who wear glasses. Many of the helmets have lights and some are even fluorescent, so the helmet glows in the dark when you're riding behind it! Many of our helmets for electric bikes come with a handy visor that offers protection from insects, sun and rain. Take a look at our large selection of high-quality helmets and optimise your safety and comfort while riding! You can also buy road bike helmets and bike helmet accessories from us.

cp chimayo+  - speed pedelec helm nta 8776Unique service - Choose your own visor with free fitting on CP & Casco bike helmets.

Do you want to have full control over your bike helmet and visor? Don't worry, because we offer a unique service to customise your helmet for free. If you want to buy your helmet online, you have the option to select the visor according to your wishes and have it customised free of charge. This service is exclusively available for CP helmets and Casco helmets. This is not a problem as both brands are leaders in visor helmet technology. CP is even the No.1 for visor helmets.

New to CP & Casco are also speed pedelec helmets, with CP even offering models with a fluorescent outer shell (glow in dark). With the CP Carachillo and Chimayo+ you can choose between clear or multi-coloured visors. Casco offers a choice of 7 types of Speedmask visors that we can fit on the Casco Speedairo 2 and Casco Roadster. You can even see in the pictures (see some examples below) how the bike helmet will look with visor! If everything is to your liking, you can order the customised bike helmet.